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8 X VINTAGE ANTIQUE CHINESE JAPANESE CLOISONNE ENAMEL NAPKIN RING SET, circa800 AD British Found Viking Nordic Bronze Artefact Collection, Vintage Bronze Ball Watch Necklace Antique Globe Clock Jewellery Gold Jewelry, 400 BC Ancient Egypt Ptolemaic PeriodXXX Dynasty Terracotta Necklace Bead Set, Vintage Days catch Antique Hanging Framed Oil painting Duck Squirrel on canvas, NAGAMAKI spear w White sheath KUNIHIIRO EDO 374 x 148 830g, WAKIZASHI sword w NBTHK Judgment paper TAIRA TAKATA MUROMACHI 224x149, VINTAGE MONTGOMERY WARDS MANUAL TYPEWRITER IN CASE LOOKS LIKE IT WAS NEVER USED, KATANA sword w KOSHIRAE EDO 398 x 263 121kg, Antique Cast Iron Figural Bank Building Bank, TACHI sword w White sheath MASATSUGU MUROMACHI 341 x 237 880g, Tortoise FUCHI KASHIRA of KATANA sword EDO 15 09 04 20g, TANTO sword w White sheath NORIHIRO EDO 177 x 117 450g, Luxury Antique High Grade Vacheron Constantin Geneva Mens Watch, Luxury Antique High Grade Omega Mens Watch Gold Hands Stainless Stell Body, WAKIZASHI sword w White Sheath MUROMACHI 219 x 15 320g, set of 6 epostle spoons in case, EBOSHI Nari KABUTO helmet w NICHIRIN of YOROI armor EDO 11211142, Antique Chinese Hand carved aristocratic wearing Jadeite 132aa, Japanese KATANAKAKE sword rack of RADEN work 69 181 163 900g, 925 STERLING SILVER AMAZING CHALCEDONY GEMSTONE ANTIQUE STYLE RING R01131, German 28 Antique Doll K R Kamer Reinhardt, WAKIZASHI sword w NBTHK Judgment paper TENSHO SUKESADA MOMOYAMA 20x13, ANTIQUE JAPANESE SWORD FITTING KATAMENUKI Flower in autum katana tsuba 1, WAKIZASHI Sheath of KATANA sword EDO 183 15 140g,